Our Operations Team handles all matters between Owners and Charteres after a vessel has been fixed.

Maersk Broker offer the Owner and the Charterer of container vessels quick and secure access to Charter Parties and various other types of certificates via our unique E-Operations system – a secure website and an efficient and effective tool in handling documentation.

We guarantee confidentiality. The E-Operations server uses secure protocols to handle all transactions and you will only see data that is associated with your own transactions.

E-Operation Login


Maersk Broker’s E-Operation system currently handles container post fixture operation between Maersk Line, Safmarine MPV, MCC Transport, Seago Line and the owners.

The main purpose is to enable owners and charterers to access and share information faster, providing a central overview of hire statements, owner's expenses, schedules and more.

E-Operation can also be used to request and approve arrangements for Cash To Master and IMO Cargo Requests.

In case you want to learn more about the E-Operation functionalities, we would be more than pleased to give you a demonstration.

Access to E-Operation

If you need to access an existing container fixture with ML, SCL, MCC or SGL and have not yet been introduced to the system, kindly send an e-mail to container.ops.dk@maerskbroker.com

You will then receive user credentials for your easy guidance through the system.

If you are an existing user, please log-on via the E-Operation login button below: